Posted on , By Rob How to follow

Racing.  There's more to it that just going as fast as you can. Sometimes you're stuck behind a car that isn't going as fast as you.  When should you overtake?  The next corner? (No).  Well, that's an unanswerable question.  It depends. Assuming the driver in front doesn't immediately make a mistake you're going to have to follow for a little bit, assess the situation. The trick with following is pretty simple. Following is about not hitting the car in front. When you do, following becomes cras…

Posted on , By Rob Logitech G27 wheel losing calibration

My Logitech G27 turns 1 year old in two weeks and last night it started losing it’s calibration.  I was playing iRacing and everything was correctly calibrated. After about 2 hours of play it started representing centre with the wheel turned about 10 degrees left.   Here's what went wrong.

Posted on , By Rob Connecting to Codemasters F1 data feeds

Codemasters expose a data feed containing a bunch of useful information via a UDP stream.  To connect to this stream you need to modify the file found at My Documents/My Games/<Codemasters Game>/hardwaresettings/hardware_settings_config.xml.  You need to find motion entry and change it to the following


extradata can take the following values:

  • 0 - No data
  • 1- Original set of data.  As used on the Dirt series, the F1 series up to F1 2011, and pretty much all Codemasters ra…

Posted on , By Rob Codemasters F1 2013 G27 wheel settings

It's been a while since I've blogged on Codemaster F1 series games.  I've started playing them again with F1 2013. Again Codemasters have changed the settings for the wheels.  I wish they'd stop moving the goalposts with each F1 iteration.

Posted on , By Rob How car engines work

This gif explains how of the most the parts on a car engines work, in a simple way.

Posted on , By Rob Introducing F1Speed

F1Speed is a telemetry application intended to run side-by-side with F1 2011 (and F1 2010) to display realtime data for instant feedback on setup changes and changes to driving style, such as braking points, throttle on points and apexes.  It's useful also to analyse the effect of KERS usage at difference points of the track and can easily highlight where you're the weaker during your lap.

Posted on , By Rob Racecraft: Managing your tyres

A cars tires provide the interface between the power produced by the engine, the downforce produced by the aerodynamics, the grip produced by the springs, roll bars and other suspension components and the road surface.  In this role, tires play the most important factor in car performance.  Without tires a car would go nowhere.

Posted on , By Rob Racecraft: Overtaking

If you're going to get anywhere in your sim-racing career, you need to know how to overtake.  Learn the fundamentals of sensible and "gentmanly" overtaking.

Posted on , By Rob Car Setup options in F1 2012

Guide on how to setup your car in F1 2011 and 2012.  Explains what the various tweakable components are and how they relate to each other and the handling and performance of your car.

Posted on , By Rob Introduction to Race Engineering in F1 2012

Understand the basics of what makes a fast lap and how to use telemetry to analyse where you're losing time on a lap.  Compare your speed, braking, throttle for different laps.

Posted on , By Rob Getting started with F1 2012 Telemetry

A corner-stone of the "complete" F1 experience is telemetry. Despite Codemasters marketing F1 as living the life of an F1 racer, and being a complete package, the game doesn't come with accessible telemetry out of the box.  Here's how to add telemetry to your F1 experience.

Posted on , By Rob Developing a wet weather setup

Driving in the rain can be a treacherous experience but finding the right wet weather setup can help make it a lot less hazardous. Wet weather car setups are all about maximising grip, both mechanical and aero.

Posted on , By Rob Developing a setup for competitive sim-racing

Improve your chances with some car development.  Here's a strategy for doing just that!

Posted on , By Rob How to use KERS and DRS

F1 2011 introduces two new features KERS and DRS.  KERS offers a 80bhp power boost for approximately 8 seconds, while DRS is a drag reduction system, providing lower downforce and therefore higher speeds to the cars.

Posted on , By Rob Setup spotlight: Springs

What do the springs on your F1 2011 car do and how can you change them for your benefit.

Posted on , By Rob How to set your wheel up for F1 2012

No amount of in game setup tweaking giving you the feel you think you should have? Perhaps reconfiguring your hardware will help.

Posted on , By Rob Racecar gear ratio selection

Help boost your lap times by understanding how to select the correct ratios for the circuit.

Posted on , By Rob Finding the racing line and driving fast

Learn how to find the 'racing line' and what the terms turn-in, apex, and track out mean, and how you can lap faster.

Posted on , By Rob Left foot versus right foot braking

How the foot you brake with may be effecting your lap time.  Understand what your car is doing when you are braking.

Posted on , By Rob How grip is generated in a race car

A fundamental piece of knowledge to be able to set your car up is knowing what is grip and how it works on an race car.

Posted on , By Rob Running triple monitors on a budget

Multiple monitors are a must have for any serious sim racer but you don't need to shell out serious dollars for this.   Use SoftTH to utilise older monitors in your setup.