Assetto Corsa

Posted on 01/06/2016 Assetto Corsa ASR F1 at Canada

I wasn't to sure how this race would go. I had run Canada in iRacing's FRAC series last week so was still familiar with the track but I hadn't done any practice in the Lotus T125 on the Assetto Corsa version of the track.  Ever.

Posted on 18/05/2016 Assetto Corsa ASR F1 at Monaco

Not sure why people would race at Monaco, simulation or real life. Anyway, we did. This is my race report.

Posted on 23/10/2015 Assetto Corsa gets a minor update to 1.3.4

Kunos Simulations released a small update to their simulator, Assetto Corsa, overnight.  As usually, it'll be delivered to your pc via Steam, so don't sweat it.  I read a bunch of words. The gist is GT3 BoP needs redoing...again...

Posted on 10/10/2015 Assetto Corsa GT3 performance in v1.3

Assetto Corsa v1.3 introduces minor Balancing of Performance (BoP) for it's GT3 cars.  We look how the changes have impacted those cars and how do the three new GT3 cars compare.

Posted on 10/05/2014 Setting up an Assetto Corsa multiplayer server

While it's a few weeks late, Kunos shipped version 0.9 of Assetto Corsa yesterday.  This version contains the long awaited and slightly delayed multiplayer.  As well as the ability to connect to multiplayer races, Assetto Corsa provides the ability to host your own dedicated server.   I'd definitely recommend running the dedicated server on a dedicated machine. Preferrably one with a good internet connection. I believe if you run the server on your own machine you will not be able to connect to…

Posted on 20/01/2014 A first look at Assetto Corsa AI

Assetto Corsa players have been waiting for AI to drop since the initiual release. We've finally been given a limited taste of what is to come. I've reveiwed it and offered my thoughts.

Posted on 17/01/2014 Competing on Assetto Corsa EA

As of Assetto Corsa 0.4.1 (an Early Acess version) there's not a lot to do in the way of competiting.  The big two have not yet dropped; AI and multiplayer are not yet available.  While there's rumour of AI dropping with the 0.5 version released tomorrow, that still hasn't been cutting it for people that want to compete. Step up RSRLiveTiming.

Posted on 10/11/2013 Initial Assetto Corsa Review

Taking the season off from iRacing has given me some time to survey the Sim Racing landscape.  Probably, no strike that, definitely the most anticipated title in a long time is Kunos's Assetto Corsa.  Kunos, of NetKarPro fame has been working on this sim racing title for a while now, and the Tech Preview has been out for months.  Now Assetto Corsa beta is out and I've spent the weeking playing with it. Here are my thoughts.

Posted on 24/08/2013 Assetto Corsa release Dev07 video

This simulator just keeps looking better and better. AC has released another in their Dev serious of videos.  This one features the mighty Pagani Huayra in action around Mugello.