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    What if you were to start iRacing all over?

    By Rob in Editorial

    Ever wonder what it would be like if you could go back in time with what you now know?  Of course you have, everyone has.  But until a time machine is invented you’re never going to be able to take all those lady charming skills you learned over the last decade or two back with you to highschool.  I managed to do just this, but with iRacing.

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    Grid Autosport Review

    By Rob in Codemasters F1/Gid

    With Grid Autosport Codemasters tries to return to their "sim racing roots in the original Grid".  After the deviation of Grid 2 that bombed with traditional fans, has the third title in the serious been able to do what Codemasters set out to?

  • How to follow thumbnail

    How to follow

    By Rob in Technical

    Racing.  There's more to it that just going as fast as you can. Sometimes you're stuck behind a car that isn't going as fast as you.  When should you overtake?  The next corner? (No).  Well, that's an unanswerable question.  It depends. Assuming the driver in front doesn't immediately make a mistake you're going to have to follow for a little bit, assess the situation. The trick with following is pretty simple. Following is about not hitting the car in front. When you do, following becomes cras…

  • acmulti

    Setting up an Assetto Corsa multiplayer server

    By Rob in Assetto Corsa

    While it's a few weeks late, Kunos shipped version 0.9 of Assetto Corsa yesterday.  This version contains the long awaited and slightly delayed multiplayer.  As well as the ability to connect to multiplayer races, Assetto Corsa provides the ability to host your own dedicated server.   I'd definitely recommend running the dedicated server on a dedicated machine. Preferrably one with a good internet connection. I believe if you run the server on your own machine you will not be able to connect to…

  • Iracing2

    iRacing 2014 Season 2 release notes

    By Rob in iRacing

    The 2014 season 2 update for iRacing is about to drop and with it comes a few super exciting features for road racers.  Mainly we're all pumped about the BMW Z4 GT3 and COTA circuit.

  • Buttkicker

    Simvibe and the buttkicker

    By Rob in Hardware Review

    Buttkicker + SimVibe, it's the poor mans motion platform.  But yet, it's so cool it may even be enough to not want motion at all.  Buttkicker is a tactile bass tranducer that when placed under your seat does as it's name suggests, kicks you in the butt!  Gaming greatness.

  • Clubsport Wheel Base

    Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Base Review

    By Rob in Hardware Review

    I've reviewed the Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Base and two rims, especially comparing to the Logitech G27 which is what most people will be upgrading from.

  • Siminstruments-Dash

    Siminstruments Dash Review

    By Rob in Hardware Review

    If you've never seen a custom hardware dash in action, you really should start investigating them.  They're an essential piece of kit for any serious sim racer.  Not just for the fast, but for those who want a more immerseive experience.  Phone apps having nothing on these things.  We review the offering from siminstruments.com

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