• Simracing is sport

    Sim racing is sport

    By Rob in Editorial

    It’s a Sunday night and me and 13 other males have come together as we do once a fortnight.  We’re buckled into our respective vehicles and there’s idle chitchat about the coming formula 1 while we wait for the gates to be opened for practice. Read more to find out just why Simracing is a sport and not 'just a game'.

  • Motionv2

    Next Level Racing Motion V2 revealed

    By Rob in Hardware Review

    Australan sim racing hardware company Next Level Racing have announced the immenent release of the 2nd generation of their ground breaking motion platform bolt on to their GTUltimate rig.  Hardware debuts November 30 but what can we expect and for how much?

  • Image1

    Game Stock Care Extreme v1.50 is about to drop

    By Rob in Stock Car Extreme

    Prepare for incoming version 1.50. Now you can run 6 USB controllers or dashes on your simrig!  Oh there's a bunch more other stuff coming too, and it involves having to do manual stuff to get it to work.

  • Assetto Corsa Ferrari

    Assetto Corsa gets a minor update to 1.3.4

    By Rob in Assetto Corsa

    Kunos Simulations released a small update to their simulator, Assetto Corsa, overnight.  As usually, it'll be delivered to your pc via Steam, so don't sweat it.  I read a bunch of words. The gist is GT3 BoP needs redoing...again...

  • Performance Driving 101

    Speed Secrets Performance Driving 101 eCourse

    By Rob in Editorial

    Ross Bentleys' Speed Secrets race driver training company now offers an e-Course for introductory performance driving.  I review it and see how it stacks up to his excellent books on the same content.

  • Ac Gt3

    Assetto Corsa GT3 performance in v1.3

    By Rob in Assetto Corsa

    Assetto Corsa v1.3 introduces minor Balancing of Performance (BoP) for it's GT3 cars.  We look how the changes have impacted those cars and how do the three new GT3 cars compare.

  • Next Level Racing Office Chair

    Next Level Racing Ultimate Office Chair Review

    By Rob in Hardware Review

    Looking for a way to set your office apart from the average Joe?  Many people spend 8 hours a day in an office chair that is for the most part boring.  It doesn’t say anything about our personality.  It doesn’t remind us who we really are and that underneath the mandated business attire we’re really wearing fireproof underwear, like Clarke Kent wears his superman outfit.  It would look strange, and be somewhat impractical to wear race gloves at the desk but now that doesn’t matter.  Pagnian Imp…

  • simrig4

    Next Level Racing GTUltimate V2 Review

    By Rob in Hardware Review

    An integral part of making any sim racing or driving experience complete is a good cockpit.  We’ve likely all done the bolt-on jobs where we’ve screwed our wheels to our desks and sat on our office chairs and while it’s fun, it just doesn’t feel real.  The chair moves, the gear stick is in an awkward position, and it’s hard to feel like you’re in a real racing car when every time you stomp on the brakes your ‘car’ seat slides back.  Enter the GTUltimate sim rig.

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