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Broken Fanatec Clubsport SQ Shifter

My Fanatec Clubsport SQ Shifter (not the v1.5) started breaking about two months ago.  I first noticed having the occasional difficulty getting into 4th gear, then 4th and 6th, then 2nd, 4th, and 6th.  Eventually it stopped selecting those gears altogether.

As an Australian and with hardware out of warranty (purchased late 2013) I was not keen on the idea of shipping back to Germany for repairs, considering both the expense and the time to fix, so I pulled it apart and had a look.

The mechanism of the "gearbox" is pretty simple:

  • There is a H-plate at the bottom of the box, with a plate operated by the SQ/H-shifter underneath it.  
  • When the selector slides into SQ mode the front of the lower plate moves up and the mode is engaged.
  • There is a wire from a switch on the lower two plates to the main unit.  This tells the unit what mode to be in.
  • The unit is always in SQ mode by default (e.g. when the wire is disconnected).
  • There are two switches on the upper part of the unit that when activated determine if forward (and the R,1,3,5,7 range) is selected or down (and the 2,4,6 range) is selected.  
  • These two switches are either side of a metal lump. When you move the stick it moves the switches over the lump, activating the appropraite switch for the direction of movement.
  • What gear you're in when in H-shifter mode depends on a potentiometer connected to the main unit.  The different position (hence resistance) of the pot determines 2,4, or 6 when in the rearward, or (R),1,3,5,(7) when in the forward.

There is also a spring on the back of the unit. That spring determines the tension/resistance in the movement of the gear lever.  Accessible via the outside of the unit is an alan key head bolt that is used to tighten or loosen the forward/rear motion and the "clicky" feeling of it. 

Thats pretty much it!


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