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Assetto Corsa ASR F1 at Canada

I wasn't to sure how this race would go. I had run Canada in iRacing's FRAC series last week so was still familiar with the track but I hadn't done any practice in the Lotus T125 on the Assetto Corsa version of the track.  Ever.

With the race gates opening at 8pm for practice, I did some late practice at 6:30pm before a short break for a meal and then jumped on at 8pm for the 20 minute practice session.  I still managed decent times  even with errors and my confidence was increasing for a good result.

Come the 15 minute qualifying session I put enough fuel for 2.3 laps in and I went out for my warmup lap and 1 hotlap.  When I exited the second hairpin I was 0.6s up on my PB and headed for a cracking time.  I came through the final chicane pushing hard, trying to maximise any possible advantage I may have.  Unfortunately I did lose a bit and ended up only 0.3s faster than my previous ever best time.  Still a good result and 0.03s behind the series leader and in 3rd place. 

The story of these two races was one of minor contact impacting the outright performance of the car. I was able to make up time on the cars directly in front of me under brakes and out of corners. 

My race video is here, thanks again to GoPro, Fanatec, and Next Level Racing for the equipment :p

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