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Assetto Corsa ASR F1 at Monaco

This week the season 10 of Assetto Corsa Atomic Sim Racing F1 league off the glamour Monaco circuit.  Every F1 fan loves Monaco and so this track was included in the season.  

My personal opinion is that Monaco looks majestic, but as far as sim racing there goes, it's a nightmare.  Whenever I've raced there on the Codemasters F1 games it has always had many crashes for many people, with multiple pitstops over the peroid of a 20 or so lap race.  

Anyone that knows Monaco will know it's a super tight street circuit, running through the streets of a city/state that is 100% urban.  There is very little run off area and there is armco barriers against the track limits, leaving no room for mistack.  If you drift even a little bit over the normal track limits you will rub up against the barriers and damage your car.

The organiser of the ASR leage apologised at the start of the race, that's how bad we all knew it was going to be.  Qualiftying at the front here was going to be critical, and the performance spread of the field would likely make it dangerous.  

As it turns out, the front two rows were all within 1 second, and very close result in the perspective of other tracks.  I qualified 5th, after being up on my PB of 1:22.2 but getting it wrong coming out of turn 13 and sliding the car literally all the way along the straight between that corner and Swimming Pool (T14) as I tried to gather it back up.  I thought I was done for but once I gathered it back up I was only 0.6 down on my PB and ended up setting a time fo 1:22.8, nearly 2 seconds faster than sixth place.  My subsequent attempts at qualifying higher up the grid were thwarted by pushing too hard. 

Race 1 was not good, as I got away well initially but bogged down after that and was hit from behind. I lost two places to my teammate Flouncy and to beef_supreme.  I managed to get beef on the run into turn 1 on the second lap. Unfortunately I lost it at the top of the hill and ran along the wall.  Beef also lost it, perhaps watching me he followed me in?  He made contact with me and spun me across the middle of the track, where I was hit by three other cars.  My race was over.  

Finishing last in race 1 meant I started first in race 2 (as I did in my last race).  That makes my work pretty easy. I led the race, driving to a delta, and was the only driver to not pit stop for fuel, finishing 20s ahead of 2nd place Silicnt.


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