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FRAC Season 1 Road Atlanta

Here's my race from season 1 race 5 of the Formula Renault Australian Championship (FRAC).

While I only qualified 37th, 2nd in the 2nd split, it was still a fun race with some good battles and a decent enough result.

0:50 - Gavin Sadler and I go side by side through T1 and T2 on lap one. This becomes relevant later...
4:32 - I overtake Sadler into turn 10 for the race lead. He repasses me through turn 12
5:52 - Brett Hender takes me into turn 10 for 2nd place.
8:35 - Ashley Thomas takes me into turn 10 for 3rd place. He goes too deep and I take 3rd back.
11:20 - Ben Darley Jr takes me into turn 10 for 3rd place.
11:47 - Ben Darley Jr runs wide into turn 3. I take 3rd place back in a move that could have ended in disaster for us both.
14:23 - We come into lapped traffic at the run into turn 3.
15:45 - Sadler from first position makes a mistake on the exit of turn 1. I move up to 2nd place.
16:36 - Ben Darley Jr belts me down the straight and into turn 10. I drop back to 3rd place. I dive into the pits for my single stop two corners later. Sadler follows me in. He takes on 2.5L less fuel and manages to get out in front. I come out in 12th
18:07 - I get some good power oversteer out of turn 7 and loosen my bowels.
20:20 - I get a slowdown for cutting the course trying to avoid a car in trouble. I lose a couple of seconds but no positions.
23:50 - Daryl Ridley takes me into turn 10 for 4th position but loses control of the car. I have a good laugh :)
25:15 - Sam Katakouzinos takes me into turn 10 for 2nd position. I take him down the next (pit) straight and we battle up through turn 1. Sam hits me into turn 2 and we both go off. Ashley and I touch as he goes past. I am now 3rd.
27:55 - Daryl Ridley take sme into turn 10 for 3rd position. I am now 4th.
29:20 - The lapped Kevin Henderson takes me into turn 10. I get out of the throttle for next half lap while he's right in front of me, losing time to the leaders. He has most definitely been shown the blue flags
33:30 - Kevin, still right in front of me, runs out of fuel and has to pit.
35:00 - I finish the race in a satisfying 4th place.

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