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These iRacing Formula Renaults are a blast

With the 2016 season 2 build of iRacing the team released a few new cars including the first in their collaboration with the Formula Renault series, the Formula Renault 2.0.  This car sits below the existing Star Mazda in power but includes better aerodynamics.  

The FR2.0 is also, if social media and my opinion is anything to go by, one of the best cars in sim racing.   From when I first fired up the engine I had a massive smile on my face.  10 minutes later I was grinning ear to ear as lapped virtually.  The engine note is so improved over the Star Mazda's rotary engine.  The vehicle dynamics is completely different too.  In my opinion it is the first (or most obvious) sim car I have driven that behaves like a real car should, as far as its gross vehicle dynamics go.   

This car requires you lift of early and coast to the apex before gently getting on throttle.  Take too much throttle into the corner and you'll understeer terribly. Get on the throttle too early and the back end will come around to hit you in the face.  It behaves like, accorind to the driver coaching books I've read, say race cars should behave. 

I've been consistently one of the top 3 drivers in every practice session I've been in during the cars release in week 13.  Come the start of the season proper and I started to drop back a bit.  But Friday Reg Bourke gave me his set and immediately I was lapping less than a second off the very fastest guys (including half a second faster than Reg).  I started seeing a lot of names I recognise from my Skip Barber days: Mick Grey, Reg Bourke, Ian Bevan, Jed Jury (from Star Mazda), Matthew Baron. All big names.  All slower than me.  Maybe it was my hiatus from iRacing and subsequent racing on Assetto Corsa and Stock Car Extreme.  Probably it was just the car suits my style a bit better.  I'm expecting these guys to sort it out soon though, and I'll be back down the order.

Until then, here is my race from the opening week of the Formula Renault 2.0 series on iRacing.  I just managed to get a time in this week (thanks to the Australian GP taking my weekend) at 8:45pm on Monday night.  

Top Split
Grid: 5th
Finish: 7th

I was joined by Scott Mclaughlin (yes, V8 Supercar ace), 2 places back, and Kevin van der Linde (GT champion) off pole.  This chance to race real world top level drivers is what makes iRacing so awesome for motorsport fans.

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