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Next Level Racing Motion V2 revealed

Australian company Next Level Racing has revealed the next iteration of their motion platform.  Pagnian released the V1 in december last year, an entry level (on price anyway) motion device that bolted between the seat and the base of their Next Level Racing GTUltimate V2 simulator rig.  Price at $2995 it offered motion at never before seen prices; a full motion rig could be bought for under $5,000.  

Visually the V2 appears to be a vast improvement on the original offering.  Looking significantly more rugged than the first generation it appears the V2 unit is an all-in-one build offering a more tidy design. It also appears, that the this base now provdes the entire bottom of the rear of the GT Ultimate V2, connecting the seat to the floor, whereas the previous version sat between the seat and the base of the rig.  I expect the unit will sit inside the existing GTUltimate chassis. 

Visually it appears more significant than the previous version and I expect that specifications and performance has been increase. I hope that that doesn't translate into a significant increase increase in price.  The V1 unit was definitely greadbreaking in its value for money so I believe there is some acceptable increase in cost before their target market baulks, but I don't think there are thousands to move.  I think if the price increased to AU$4,000,a 33% increase that may be a little to steep, so hopefully it  debuts a few hundred under that. 

Right now Next Level Racing are offering free upgrade to V2 when the V1 is ordered, currently for $2995, so the I guess the price jump won't be too great.  In my opinion, of you're seriously considering the V2, now would be a great time to pre-order and cash in on potentially big savings.


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