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Game Stock Care Extreme v1.50 is about to drop

Game Stock Car Extreme v1.50 is about to drop, and it's a big drop.  Imagine you're in a Mini Cooper S and about to come through the corkscrew kind of drop.  One of the biggest problems - actually the biggest problem I've had with GSCE is that it only supported 3 USB devices.  Mad keen sim racers love extra devices like like Daniel Kyvat loves saying his sorry for crashing (recent US GP reference).  

The new version about to be released really soon (just ask @ReizaStudios) increases the USB device count to 6! That's crazy you may say. Who has 6 USB devices.  Well... me! and they're all controllers or dashes.

Without futher ado here are the release notes.


  • Adds Mitsubishi Lancer Cup Series (Lancer R & RS models, recommended to run with TC & ABS on low as per the real car)


  • Adds Velo Cittá Circuit (2 layouts);

Features & Fixes:

  • Added support to 6 USB controller devices (increasing the previous limit of 3
  • Added sensitivity & dead zone sliders for up to 6 controller inputs in CONTROLLER 3 menu
  • Added feature to automatically adjust Steering Rotation for each vehicle so user no longer needs to exit game and manually adjust controller rotation (see recommendations above)
  • Added option to adjust steering rotation in garage menu & adjusted default steering lock settings to provide a suitable default steering ratio for all cars (Custom Steer Rotation must be set to NO in controller menu);Added option to map commands for adjusting anti-roll bars from in-car (for the cars that have the option: Stock Car V8, Super V8, F-Extreme, F-Reiza, F-3, F-V12, F-Classic )
  • Added option to map commands for adjusting Vertical FOV from in-car
  • Added support for 24h race length
  • Added Stock V8 rule which restricts tire stops to one tire change at a time
  • Tweaked AI to perform less strategical mistakes (such as pitting in the last lap)
  • Rewritten all car classes from the previous standard “ReizaXX” to a nomenclature that better represents their respective series
  • Introduced native support to 9-speed gearboxes & fixed bug which would lead to F-Extreme occasionally disappearing when hitting 8th gear in a multiplayer section
  • AI drivers now use 8th gear & DRS
  • Added “Opponents Filter” option to quick race menu (for multiclass racing)
  • Replaced AI aggression UI slider with a set of presets low-to-max (max being 50% aggression in old currency to prevent AI misbehavior in overly aggressive settings)
    Fixed bug with other cars occasionally “inheriting” 8 gears, DRS functionality from F-Extreme
  • Fixed championship scoring bug
  • Fixed grid position setting when qualifying is disabled
  • Fixed performance issues with the SuperV8
  • Revised pit menu rules & pitstop timing for all series
  • Fixed bug with AI behavior being over aggressive with the throttle on corner exit leading to occasionally losing control
  • Revised AI performance for all cars (balancing for consistency from car to car, track to track, session to session)
  • Updated ambient, curb, road & grass roll noise for all cars
  • Revised aero & tire physics in all cars
  • Revised real-feel values to reduce FFB clipping
  • Tweaked alpha channels in skins from Metalmoro MR18, Opala86, SuperV8, StockV8 series to reduce excessive shiny look
  • Minor graphical optimization
  • Fixed bug with Safety Car entering the pits in Curitiba Oval
  • Fixed behavior of driver labels.

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