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Assetto Corsa gets a minor update to 1.3.4

Kunos Simulations released a small update to their simulator, Assetto Corsa, overnight.  As usually, it'll be delivered to your pc via Steam, so don't sweat it.

V1.3.4 Changelog:

  • Replay in x64 are now capped at 1Gb instead of 500mb
  • Fixed turbo in form gears
  • Physics multithread is now disabled with less than 4 cores
  • Fixed backfire animation on Lamborghini Countach
  • acServerManager: admin password is mandatory
  • acServerManager: fixed uploader not saving surfaces.ini of multi-layout tracks
  • Fixed Lamborghini Countach S1 UI for customers who do not own DLC2
  • Fixed Alfa Romeo 4c peak slip angle value on rear street tyres.
  • Fine tuning of tyre heating model for GT2 and GT3 cars. Tyres now might need 2 laps to heat up the core temperatures. Core temperatures are now much more stable during a lap and cool down slower.
  • New power loss calculation for GT2 GT3 cars engines
  • Corrected rolling resistance calculations for GT2 and GT3 cars tyres
  • BMW M3 E30 Drift and M3 E92 drift has new tyre heat calculation following the GT2/GT3 logic. Experimental.
  • Balancing of GT3 car performances. The balance does not make all cars equal, but just brings their performances closer. Leagues can now add a small amount of ballast to equalize the cars performances even more.
  • Fixed dirt texture and headlights in Ferrari 458 Italia
  • Fixed headlights indicator on BMW Z4 GT3
  • Fixed transparency issue on Ruf Yellowbird
  • Added leds to Mercedes SLS GT3
  • Fixed TrackIR support for x64
  • Added Force Feedback Controller app
  • Fixed acServer corruption of internal buffers leading to packet losses
  • Added benchmark mode
  • Real-time app now uses magenta to signal fastest lap in the session
  • New “camera facing” spectators are now controlled by the “world detail” settings. Allowing users with older machines to achieve better FPS
  • Minor AI race craft tweaks (a bit faster to change lane but bit less “punchy bumpy”)
  • Remapped some functions associated with Numpad “+” and “-” * +/- = Change Force Feedback (disabled in replays) * Ctrl +/- = Change onboard FOV * Ctrl Shift +/- = Change saturation

Personally I'm glad about that last one.  I had some buttons mapped to +/- to change the FOV and he had recently been broken.  Now after a little remap I have that feature back.  I've highlighted the good stuff

The really big annoying one is the futher balancing of GT3 cars.  GT3 is a popular leage format (I race in one in Assetto Corsa, as I did in iRacing before AC was out) and having to balance the cars each time is a PITA.  We've already got them balanced now AC brings out improvements to their balance and all it does is break the ballast we've applied.

The GT2/GT3 tyres are an important change too. I did some testing today in various GT3 cars and most definitely it takes a minimum of 5 laps to get the car up to speed and the affect of sliding around too much is real.  I like this change, as a smooth as butter driver :)

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