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ETS2 goes online with World of Trucks

World of Trucks

I've been playing world of trucks for a while now.  While at first I was skeptical I'd enjoy it, I've found it to be really great fun.  So much so I wrote a review.  One of my points was how cool it would be to have multiplayer.  Of course, I'm not along in this desire and SCS, the makers of ETS2, have listened and are about to release a patch to grant multiplayer access.

Today we would like to present you with a microscopic glimpse into what we hinted earlier - our long standing devotion to Euro Truck Simulator 2 evolution.

World of Trucks's ultimate goal is creating an environment where you - our community - can meet, interact and compete with each other in the expansive trucking world.

 It's only in Alpha but this is very promising.  I can't wait to get online with my mates and truck around Europe :D

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