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V8Supercar drivers who compete on iRacing

I just sat down to watch the 2012 Sandown 500.  It's been a while since I've had the time to watch a V8Supercar race (usually I'm preoccuppied playing iRacing :)).  As the commentators went through the entry list I was amazed at the number of names I knew, not from V8Supercars, but from racing them on iRacing.  

Last weekend I had a chat about V8Supercar drivers to a guy I met a kids birthday party I was at with my kids.  He insisted that either (a) the drivers with these names are imposters or (b) the drivers get paid by iRacing to appear, just to add some credibility to the "game".  

We who love iRacing know better.  These guys are here to race, and they're fast.  In iRacing they're just like anyone else. They get angry, they rage, they laugh, and they talk with all the other drivers they're racing against.  Ultimately they're on iRacing to have fun and do more of what they love to do, race cars, even if it is virtually.

Watching the Sandown has compelled me to compile a list of drivers currently registerd on iRacing, and from what I can see they're all regular and recent competitors :)

Shane Van Gisbergen (SP Tools Falcon)

Shane Van Gisbergen 


Scott T. Mclaughlin (HAIB Commodore & Fujistu Series championship leader)

Scott Mclaughlin

Nick Percat (HRT Commodore & FIA GT1 World Championship)

Nick Percat

David Besnard (Lockwood Commodore)

Races: V8Supercars, SM, Skippy, Mazda Cup
Usually online with Coulthard (below).  

David Besnard

Fabian Coulthard (Lockwood Commodore)

Races: V8Supercars, SM, Skippy, Mazda Cup
(Cousin of F1 veteran David Coulthard).  He and David Bersnard are often online in the same sessions, trading setup tips and info.

Fabian Coulthard


Dean Canto (The Bottle-O Falcon)

Dean Canto


Matthew Halliday (Jim Beam Falcon)

Matthew Halliday


Steve Owen (VIP Petfoods Falcon)

(Who was my nemesis in the earlier rounds of this seasons Star Mazda but sadly I haven't seen him for a few weeks)

Steve Owen


Registered but no races

The following drivers are registered but have no races.  Perhaps they use the Testing functionality only?  :)

Luke Youlden

Garth Tander

Lee Holdsworth

Chris Pither

There are probably more but I've no way to be nearly certain it's them, so I've left them off. I've personally raced all the guys in bold and with details attached and chatted with them on voice in practice sessions and on the grid before races.  I can't get anywhere near The Gis and McLaughlin, but the others are regularly dicing with me and I'm winning :)


Surely there has to be a good reason why so many top drivers race on iRacing?  I strongly doubt this many guys are regularly competing/playing Codemasters F1 2011 for example.  That's a pretty strong endorsement of the simulation qualities of iRacing

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