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Getting started with F1 2012 Telemetry

A corner-stone of the "complete" F1 experience is telemetry. Despite Codemasters marketing F1 2011 as living the life of an F1 racer, and being a complete package, the game doesn't come with accessible telemetry out of the box; probably to make it easy enough for console gamers.

PC users don't have such limitations and there is a way to get access to telemetry data.  I noticed there is a telemetry folder for the various Codemasters F1 games, but the files are binary.  I went looking on the Internet...

I wrote my own.  F1Speed also captures telemetry from Codemasters F1 games and logs to disk.


Capturing Telemetry

The F1Speed application needs to be running while your Codemasters F1 game is running and listens for telemetry published by the game.  For details on setting up F1Speed, see the link above.

F1Speed captures each full lap you complete providing you have set a circuit and a lap type. Data is saved to your My Documents\F1Speed\F1PerfView Data folder.


Analysing the Data

First download F1PerfView from either Rene Smit's site or from here

Collecting this information isn't much use if there's no way to display it.  To my amazement, the tool to use is the same tool as I used for Grand Prix 2 15 years ago.  I found when I downloaded the package from the author Rene Smit, it didn't have the MFC71.dll included and my machine didn't have it.  Figuring most all new machines wont have this, I've included it in the above zip.  It sits in the same folder as F1PerfView.  To run F1PerfView just extract it from the zip and click on the F1PerfView.exe executable.

To analyse some captured laps, open the tool and select Open  from the menu. Change the file type filter to be All Files (*.*) and navigate to My Documents\F1Speed\F1PerfView Data.

One you've unzipped F1PerfView you need to set the Primary Game.  To do this go to View -> Options and set the following

F1Perfview Options

Now to analyse two laps just go up to the Folder icon (the first one) and select both laps

F1Perfview LoadBoth

I like to display the Raw Lap data, the Circuit Map, and a graph of Time Difference, and a graph of Speed, to start with.  When analysing I want at least the Time Diference open.

F1Perfview View

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