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How to set your wheel up for F1 2012

This guide details how to set up your wheel for Codemasters F1 2011G27 Wheel.  I've focussed on the Logitech G27 wheel, as it's the wheel I use and the wheel in use by most of the competitors in the my f1 league.  These settings also work for the Logitech Driving Force GT wheel.

If your F1 car is handling like a sedan, your first point of call would normally be car setup. Inappropriate controller setup can also cause braking and accelation problems and for those with a lack of fine motor control, adjusting pedal sensitivity may help.  You can adjust a number of settings for your wheel, both in and out of game.

Using the full 900 degrees of rotation will not mean you have to to shuffle your hands through multiple turns of the wheel to make it round Casino at Monaco.

There are a number of In-Game settings that can be set, found in the Advanced options for your wheel.  

Logitech Profile Settings

Below are my settings in the Logitech profiler. 

wheel profiler

In Game Settings

Steering Deadzone The percent of rotation where steering is ignored.  The higher this value the more you can more your wheel without it moving your car
Steering Saturation How quickly your wheel responds to your movements.
Steering Linearity The amount of turn of your wheel compared to the amount of wheel turn in game. 100% is a 1:1 mapping
Throttle Deadzone The percent of throttle that is ignored. The higher this value the more you can press on the throttle pedal without applying throttle in game
Throttle Saturation The sensitivity of the throttle pedal. Set to a lower value to reduce sensitivity. Helpful if you like to push your throttle down a long way when exiting corners, as a lower sensitivity will reduce wheelspin
Brake Deadzone The percent of brake that is ignored. The higher this value the more you can press on the brake pedal without applying the brake in game
Brake Saturation The sensitivity of the brake pedal. Set to a lower value to reduce sensitivity. Helpful if you're applying too much brake and frequently locking


If you feel your car setup is good but you still can't drive as smoothly as you'd like, have a play with various values for the above.  I personally am leadfooted (some say I have too much muscle, or perhaps I just need firmer pedals).

The settings I use for my Logitech G27 with 900 degrees of rotation are as follows:

* I recently started using 200 degress of rotation and have adjusted my settings according.
I find it doesn't feel much different but it does seem to eliminate some of less responsive feel in the smaller wheel movement

Degress of rotation 900 453
Steering Deadzone 0% 0%
Steering Linearity 100% 32%
Throttle Deadzone 0% 0%
Throttle Saturation 10% 0%
Brake Deadzone 0% 0%
Brake Saturation 15% 0%

This gives an in game wheel that maps 1:1 with your actual steering wheel, so when you're turned 90 degrees left on your wheel, your in game wheel is turned 90's left.  Perfect.

A big change is the amount of Throttle and Brake saturation to use.  Using 100% will make the car far too sensistive to throttle and brake inputs.  For me 10% and 15% are good levels.  With 0% brake it's possible to mash the brake pedal to the floor and not lock the brakes.  This is unrealistic and raises concerns over whether or not the driver is gettng the maximum braking force.  My preference is to adjust the sensitivity such that the brakes will lock when the pedal is almost fully depressed.  I want to use a bit of skill in keeping from locking, as well as ensuring I'm getting maximum braking force.

Another important setting is in the Force Feedback section.  Where you can the level of Force Feedback and wheel weight.  It is important to set the wheel weight a value lower than the Force Feedback.  Otherwise you won't get the sensation of the steering getter lighter as the front wheels lose grip.  That is you won't be able to detect when you're about to lose control.

I've also experienced a problem where my wheel seems to lag.  It takes large movements of my wheel to move the in game wheel a small amount, then moving my wheel only a little more makes the game wheel turn much faster proportionately.  To fix this, ensure your Override Input Devide Type  is set to None (and not Steering Wheel).

I've also found that how you click on "Start Game" determines what controller will be used.  If you select this with your keyboards Enter key, the game will use Keyboard as the input method.  To use your wheel, instead press your wheels Start button.  On the Logitech G27 this is the second rightmost red button above the gear stick, by default.  You can change the default start button using the method detailed  here.


I've taken this one step further and changed the default mappings for my G27, so I can use the buttons I want to use and still use choose 'Logitech G27' in game.  This is doubly useful because I've found that the game occasionally loses my mappings.  Doing the following will mean your custom settings will never again be lost.

Each device is mapped in a xml config file found in the actionmap folder where your game is installed.  Within that folder you should find a file matching your controller.  For the Logitech G27, this is called 'G27 Racing Wheel.xml'.  Before you make any changes be sure to make a backup of this file.

Once you've got the file open in your favourite text editor, you'll see it's just a typical xml file, made up of Action elements and Axis child elements. The Axis elements are the mappings you want to modify.  You'll see a deviceName of 04dc29b, that is your Logitech G27. The other will be Keyboard.  The button names are win_con_di_buttonX where X is the button minus -1 on your logitech profiler.  Eg Where the Logitech Profile says Button 1, this is win_con_di_button0, as the buttons are 0 based. 

To modify the config file to suit personal tastes just go to the appropriate action and enter the desired button.  There are a number of actions you don't need to worry about but the main ones ( you may want to change) are:

  • Quick Menu Up
  • Quick M enu Down
  • Quick Menu Left
  • Quick Menu Right
  • Enable KERS
  • Enable DCS (should be DRS!)
  • Look Back
  • Pause
  • OSD Swipe (This is 'Car Status' on the right hand side of the screen)

After you've modifed those you may also want to create a custom profile in the Logitech Profile so you can create macro buttons to quickly perform menu selections while racing, such as changing fuel mixes and selecting tyres.  Being able to quickly change your fuel settings, multiple times per lap, is a help at the competitive end of multiplayer racing, where 10ths of a second per lap make a big difference over 30+ laps.

I've made the following changes

Game ActionLogitech ButtonKeyboard
Quick Menu Up   Up
Quick Menu Down   Down
Quick Menu Left   Left
Quick Menu Right   Right
Enable KERS Button 8  
Enable DRS Button 7  
Look Back Button 21  
Pause Button 1  
Car Status/OSD Swipe Button 19  

To utilise Macros in game I needed to change the quick menu keys to the arrow pad, from the dpad, and to set the profile to persistent in the Logitech Profiler (that bit is important!).  To set that go to the menu and selection Options -> Global Profile settings.

global profiler settings

I've also created a few Macros in the logitech profiler (turn recording pauses on before recording the marco).  You can see which Macros go where in the image below.


Conserve Fuel Up, Up, Down
Normal Fuel Up, Up, Right
Rich Fuel Up, Up, Up

For Tyre Selection I use a cycling command. You have to make the commands that will participate in the cycle first and then create the order to cycle.  Each press of the button will cycle to the next tyre option.

Prime Tyres Up, Right, Up
Option Tyres Up, Right, Right
Intermediate Tyres Up, Right, Down
Wet Tyres Up, Right, Left

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